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We educate ourselves and everyone throughout Indiana about how to make voting more accessible to all Hoosier voters. Indiana is increasingly in the minority of states adopting effective election reform that engages more voters. We want to change that dynamic and make voters aware of the ways voting practices can be transformed, all while keeping our elections safe. We tell the story about how mailed ballots came to be in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and in an ever-growing list of states. And we describe how other states have adopted stringent processes for conducting mailed elections.

We work to spread the knowledge about mailed elections to all Indiana voters so they understand that waiting in line for hours on election day is not the norm. We want all voters to have access to the polls, both able-bodied and disabled voters, at early voting locations, at polling sites on Election Day, or with mailed ballots. Life is hard enough. The act of voting should be easy.


We advocate for voting practices that reach all voters through
options for vote-by-mail in a safe and secure environment,
and technology to assist disabled voters to exercise their
rights to mark ballots independently and privately.

The safety and security of our elections is crucial to maintaining voter confidence and continued participation at the polls. At Indiana Vote By Mail, we believe the very core of election administration rests in ensuring the integrity of our elections through rigorous controls and thoughtful solutions to reach all voters.


Indiana Vote By Mail researches the best ways to reach more voters and bring them into the electoral process. We are committed to performing research and to networking with voting advocacy groups throughout the U.S. so that we remain knowledgeable about election reform in America. We are working to identify best practices that can be used to enhance and improve the safety, security, and efficiency of elections in Indiana.

We are committed to learning why some voters don’t vote and to turning them into habitual voters engaged in our democratic process. And we want all citizens to feel excited to vote every time an election is held, knowing they had a hand in participating in our democracy.

Barbara Tully



Shelly Brown

Vice President

Bonnie Horlander

Founder & Past President

Debbie Ray

Vice President

Pauline Spiegel

Vice President

Ruth Nisenshal


Matthew Hook


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Bev Agnew


Harold Crooks


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Three of us from Indiana Vote By Mail visited Orange County, California on Monday, March 2, 2020 and Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 – Super Tuesday – to observe their election processes and see in detail how mailed elections work.


All voters in both counties are mailed ballots a few weeks before Election Day.

Orange County, with its 1.7M voters, makes wide use of ballot drop boxes throughout the jurisdiction.  

In the central election office, voters could walk in and register to vote or update their registrations, and vote at the same time.

Ballot envelopes are scanned through high-speed sorters to image voters’ signatures.  The signature verification process is done by election workers.  Once ballot envelopes are accepted, the ballots are extracted from the envelopes using slitting machines.  Ballots are processed all through election season.

On the Monday before Super Tuesday, this is what it was like in a vote center.  

In Denver the process was much the same...


With its 500,000 voters, Denver makes use of various drop boxes throughout the county.


This is a vote center on Super Tuesday.  Wait…where are the lines?

Denver offers its citizens a mobile voting option throughout election season, to reach as many voters as possible.

Ballots are retrieved and scanned to capture an image of the voter’s signature.  

Once signatures are verified, ballot envelopes are prepped for scanning and tabulation



"The Indiana State Association of Letter Carriers fully supports Voting By Mail.  The right to vote  is one of the most precious rights we have as citizens and Vote by Mail would help make this right easier to do and more available to more citizens.  Citizens can feel secure in knowing that the most trusted federal agency would be involved, The United States Postal Service.”

— John Triplett, President

Indiana Association of Letter Carriers




Indiana Vote By Mail

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DRAFT logo change 2-2020 - shelly.jpg
DRAFT logo change 2-2020 - shelly.jpg

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